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5- 6 days
Min Age : 8

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Tour Details

A journey to the lap of nature:

If you are a fan of hiking and serenity, here’s the perfect hike for you! Here’s bringing you one of the most beautiful treks in Uttarakhand with serene valleys with streams of water running across high altitude meadows and vivid flora and fauna. A perfect choice for beginners, as the Dayara Bugyal trek route is easy to traverse.

The Dayara Bugyal trek is home to snow topped trees, stretches of snow covered forests, cattle feeding on the greenest meadows and the centre of the green pastures in these mountains have always acclaimed the shepherds around.

This trek is exactly how kids would describe a scenery while putting together a work of art during school days. Mountains, snow peaks, meadows, it is an almost unimaginable dream come true.The trek is a collection of picturesque views of Bandarpoonch peak and many others in the Himalayan Range.

The Dayara Bugyal trek includes a full day drive, easy walks to villages, steep climbs to the summit and a downhill exploratory stride.

The view is not easy to describe but briefly put, do expect to see lots of greenery around you, with villages at certain pauses, a brilliant summit and absolutely tantalizing view of Black Peak, Bandarpoonch, Bhagirathi peaks and countless other mountains.

Departure & Return Location


Departure Time

1 Hours Before Track Time

Price Excludes

  • Guide Service Fee
  • Driver Service Fee
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Room Service Fees


  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • T-Shirt
  • Entrance Fees
What to Expect

Fitness Tips for the Mountains:

The Mountaineer Fitness Plan starts with training both the Mind & Body. If you get your mind to do it, you’ve already won half the race. Persistence consists of 50% you Mind & 50% your Body.
We at DiscoveryHike believe that with follow the SSS Mantra – A 4 week routine of Stamina, Strength and Stretches, before you start with any trek with us. Whether you are a Beginner or a Pro. An adult or a teenager you follow this regime for 30 days prior to your Trek, it will provide you the desired results. The Brahmatal trek is moderate trek and during the months of January and February, the trail will be snow clad while climbing up higher altitudes

1.Stamina – In this trek’s case, you will need to particularly enhance your stamina.
Spare 30 – 45 min daily in cardio to build stamina and persistence over time.
You will need to start with walking 4 km & gradually increase the distance and time taken to cover it. Effectively your goal will be to walk for 4+km a day in half hour. From just walking, turn this into running/jogging for the same distance till you feel comfortable covering long distances in short time.

2.Strength – Strength is working on various parts of your body to compliment your Stamina. Carrying your trekking and climbing uphill can be tedious. A lot of muscle is required to endure this trek, especially in areas of the Upper Back, Lower Back, Core, Legs, Arms & more.

Tips to follow:

Upper Body – You will need to do Push-ups after you have done with your running exercise. You will need to make it 5 – 10 push-ups a day. Repeat the same in sets of 3 daily. Effectively your goal will be to reach 15 – 30 push-ups daily.

Lower Back – Perform a Plank starting with 30 seconds a Day. Add 10 – 15 seconds more daily to improve the strength you add to you core. Effectively your goal will be to perform a Plank for 3 – 5 minutes.

Arms – You can do lights lifts in the Gym. If not the gym, you can use a heavy book or object & move it towards your shoulder without losing form & repeat the same for both arms for about 30 times in sets of 3. Effectively your goal will be to perform 100 lifts in each arm.

Legs – You will have to start with squats of 5 – 10 in sets of 3. Alternatively, you can also do Wall sits-up of 5 – 10 in sets of 3. Effectively your goal will be to perform 15 – 30 squats/sit-ups.

Core – You will need start with crunches of 5 – 10 in sets of 3 and keep adding more towards by the day. This will build not just the core but your Lower back & Stamina too. Effectively your goal will be to reach 30 – 50 squats in a day.
3.Stretches – Probably the most neglected but the most crucial part of the exercise Stretching. This will enable all your muscles to stay intact & be activated rather than cramping. It will improve your performance in all activities you undertake. decrease your risk of injuries, help in your joints movements & enable your muscles to work at their best.
Shoulder stretches
Wrist stretches
Hamstring stretches
Calf stretches
Mental Health – The other 50% of your Training comes from Mental Wellness. This will surely help you when you are faced against the harness of nature to give you the strength required to overcome obstacles of any kind. The best mind that can achieve this is a calm mind. We recommend that you partake in Yoga for some Mental Rest & Relaxation.
Take slow, deep breaths. Or try other breathing exercises for relaxation
Soak in a warm bath
Listen to soothing music
Practice mindful meditation
Sleep early and Rise Early
Hope these suggestions proved to be useful to you. These are merely guidelines to be in the right shape of Mental & Physical state. If you are already following a regiment that is suitable to your body, we suggest that you continue. This is for Beginners and Start-up kit for those who are about to undertake the Trek with us.
BMI for different trek grade conditions are different. If anyone above the cutoff will be considered as overweight and not be allowed to trek with us.


Day 1Dehradun to Raithal (7,545 ft )

Estimation travel time: 8-9 hrs

Estimation distance: 220 km

Tip: get ready to make memories

From Dehradun you need to get to Raithal via road, as this is the base camp for the the Dayara Bugyal trek.The journey is about an 8-9 hrs drive that takes you along the Bhagirathi river, a vast expanse of green forests and into the towns of Uttarkashi, from where you move to Batwari. As you draw near to Raithal, the place will welcome with the lovely colours of the sunset over Mt Jaonli and Draupadi ka Danda peaks.

Day 2Raithal(7,545 ft) to Gui(8,540 ft )

Estimation time of completion: 4-5 hrs

Estimation distance of trek: 8-9 km

Tip: carry sufficient water from the campsite or refill from natural sources

The first thing that you will be able to view at Raithal are the 3 tributaries of Gangotri and the Srikhand Mahadev and the scenery get more clear as you go up the trail to Gui.

The ascent to Gui is very comfortable and you can see the forest campsite from Raithal itself. The route we take is through the village fields and leads to a clearing that has a hand pump and looks like a lawn. Here’s the perfect spot to take a water break because after this the trail gets into a thick forest filled with rhododendron and oaks such as moru and kharsu.

Day 3Gui (8,540 ft) to Barnala (11,100 ft )

Estimation time of completion: 3-4 hrs

Estimation distance of trek: 3 km

Tip: carry at least 2 liters water from the campsite

Today you make your way out of Gui and climb up towards Dayara and all along the trail you will see mountains slowly cropping up. Twenty minutes into the trail, on your left, you’ll spot a rain shelter from where you take a right to go towards Barnala.

After about an hour and a half of walking through the oak forest trail, you will reach the Barnala Campsite. It includes a small stream that passes through the peaceful clearing. It is surrounded by small hillocks on three of its sides but extends to a lovely scenery of the mountain, on the fourth side.

Now it’s time for a little unwinding and lunch amidst the mountains, after which we will head to the Barnala meadows from the west of the campsite. You will enjoy the view of the meadows in 10-15 mins and further 10 mins into the trail will lead you to a temple named Nag Devta sitting next to a pond(tal). It’s about dusk when you get here. Don’t miss out the view of the entire range of Gangotri range that’s lit by the colours of the sunset.
Also, the rays of the sun falling on Bandarpoonch range to the left is also worth the climb. As you look to the right, you see Kalanag, Srikhand Mahadev, and finally Draupadi ka Danda at the extreme right.

Day 4Barnala (11,100 ft ) to Dayara Top(12,057 ft) to Chilapada/ Gui (8,540 ft)

Estimation Time of completion: 6-7 hrs

Estimation distance of trek: 8 km

Tip: carry sufficient water from the campsite

On the 4th day of the Dayara Bugyal trek, we’re going to be heading to the Barnala Taal- the upper meadow and then to Dayara, from Barnala Camp.

Once you get to the right where the tree cover is dense, you will find a trail made of stones. Take this route to climb up, and in an hour you will find yourself at the front of end of the green meadows with chania huts in them. On the right side you will see the towering view of the Bandar Poonch and Kala Nag.

After this we climb down, for around 7 hours to Pichkiya, an alpine land and forests with streams running around it.

The splendid stretch of Rhododendrons growing along the patchy meadows around the campsite is a sight to behold.

Day 5Gui/Chilapada(8,540 ft ) to Raithal (7,545 ft )

Estimation time of completion: 3-4 hrs

Estimation distance of trek: 5 km

Tip: carry at least 2 liters of water from the campsite

As usual, the last day of the Dayara Bugyal trek, we start the journey early in the morning from Chilapada campsite to reach Raital. In sometime, this route will take you to the rain shelter where you sidetracked to Barnala. Within an hour of walking into the trail, you come to the first campsite – Gui.

Keep going for another hour to reach the grassy clearing with a water stream

The trail continues to descend under a heavy canopy of forest cover. Fifteen minutes of descent brings you to the rain shelter from where you diverted to Barnala on the way up. Continue moving down on the main trail. In an hour’s march, you come over the clearing of Gui – your first campsite. Around Gui is where you get the final views of Mt Bandarpoonch on the trek. We stop here for a bit before we descend to Raithal This is where we come to the end of the pleasant Dayara Bugyal trek.


What is the time to catch up with Discoveryhike transportation from Haridwar?

You must reach Haridwar before 6:30 am. The Discoveryhike transport vehicle will depart from Haridwar railway station by 6:30 a.m. We expect all trekkers to be on time keeping in mind that there are other trekkers as well and we would not want any trekker to be inconvenienced. Discoveryhike transport can wait for maximum half an hour more if the train is late or for any other genuine issue faced by the trekkers.

What is the best time to do Dayara bugyal Trek.?

If you want to experience snow and want to catch a glimpse of the frozen mystery lake, the best time for the trek is May and June. If you want to experience the lush green meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal, then you can try September and October. 

What is the Normal Temperature in the Dayara Bugyal Trek?

Temperature varies from 12 to 17 degrees Celsius during the daytime and -1 to 7 degrees Celsius at nighttime. Temperatures can also vary depending on the weather condition on the Trek and altitude gain.

What are the snow months for Dayara Bugyal Trek?

In the months between December and the last week of April you will find a lot of snow,along with snow-capped mountains of Bandarpooch and Gangotri range.

How will I be accommodated during the Trek?

During the entire trek journey, you will be accommodated in 3 main tents. In Barsu, however, you will be staying in a lodge. Our tents are very spacious and it can accommodate 4 people even in an emergency. During lunch and dinner, we have separate dining tents for your accommodation.

Does Discoveryhike provide sleeping bags, tents and other basic equipment on the Trek?

Discoveryhike will provide tents and sleeping bags for the trekkers. The tents are custom made for expeditions and the sleeping bags can resist temperatures up to -15 degrees.

Who will accompany the trekkers on behalf of Discoveryhike?

Discoveryhike has a team of highly experienced Trek leaders, guides and support staff who will accompany you and take care of you 24/7 during the Trek.

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